50 Clever Things Under $35 That Immediately Make Your Home So Much Nicer

This set of two heavy-duty oven liners will help you keep the inside of your stove clean, so you can avoid having to do the deep oven cleans that are such a hassle. Available in two-, three-, and four-packs, as well as in one 75-inch roll, these nonstick liners are a total time-saver; plus, they’re temperature-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

As one fan raved, “This product is so easy to use and keep clean, you can just wipe it off or if the kids have made pizza, half of it ends up on the bottom of the oven. I just take the lining outside, give it a gentle shaking and everything pops right off, then I use a little dab of soap and the water hose and within seconds it is cleaned and ready to use again.”

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