8 Easy Summer Crafts For Kids From TikTok's Craftiest Creators

I hate to break it to you, but it’s still only the beginning of the summer. And yet, there’s a good chance you’re already running low on ideas for entertaining your kids. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered — turns out this is one more way that TikTok is very, very useful! Instead of making expensive vacation plans or just embracing hours and hours of TV (don’t worry, there’s time for that in August), these at-home crafts come at a low cost while engaging your kid’s mind in all the right ways.

Tried and tested by TikTok moms, we’ve rounded up all the best crafty activities (both indoor and outdoor) from the platform to keep kids busy all day. From bubble experiments to creative flower catchers, these activities are mess-free and kid-friendly. You might even enjoy them, too! The result? Endless fun and more projects to display around the house that lets you say, “Yeah, my kid made this,” at the next dinner party. And let me tell you one thing: TikTok creators are creative in what they do.

So the next time your kid declares they will die of boredom, you can pull this out for your sanity. 

Flower Catchers

Flower catchers come in different forms, but the idea is simple: You create a “catcher” and then go on a walk. Yes, it’s that easy! This craft is perfect for kids who love bringing flowers home.

Bouncing Fish

Calling all Disney moms! @thecraftysol creates crafts that will warm your inner child’s heart. These interactive water globes are perfect home decorations and fidget balls for the kids.

Save Your Toilet Rolls!

Yes, we’re bringing back this classic craft material, which you regularly produce at home anyway. From airplanes to dragons to entire racing courses, let your child’s imagination run free and see what they come up with.

Patterned Sea Shells

Good ol’ Mod Podge! If you’re still looking for ways to use those shells your kids brought home from the beach, borrow this idea: @elliethumannlol cuts patterns from tissue paper and paints them onto each shell. You’ll end up with a craft you actually want to keep.

Space Lamps

If your kids are space lovers, you’ll want to check out this fun craft from @celenakinsey that will light up the room with planets from the solar system.

Water Painting

One of the lowest lift and least messy activities, water painting is your world’s oyster. For toddlers, the possibilities are endless, as they can virtually paint on anything.

Bubble Art

Instead of a bubble machine, @emilykunz0320 shows a DIY way to blow bubbles. Add some food coloring to the mixture, and you’ll have various colors and shapes!

Homemade Paper

Did you know that making paper at home is easy? All you need is a blender, a sieve, and scraps of old paper. Add flower petals or food dye, and you have plenty of paper for homemade cards. Stick them to your windows to dry or leave them on your kitchen towels.

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