8 Middle Names For Isabella With Vintage-Modern Appeal

Choosing a name is one of the many joys of having a new baby (and, oh, there are many!). However, one of the challenges of choosing a name is finding the right middle name to go with it. And since Isabella is a popular girl’s name right now, you may have your heart set on it for your little girl — but you may also feel like you have no clue what her second name should be. Don’t stress; you’ve got options, from traditional to quirky and everything in between.

Before diving into the name picks, though, let’s discuss a few helpful hints for choosing a middle name and go over the meaning and origin of the name Isabella.

How to Choose a Middle Name

What are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing a middle name for your child?

For starters, rhythm and flow. How do the first and middle names sound together? How do they sound in combination with your family’s last name? If you’re having trouble, try writing out several of your name choices on paper and then say them aloud.

Next consideration: Is there a friend or relative you’d like to honor by passing their name down? A child’s middle name is a beautiful way to signify that person’s role in your life.

Finally, be sure to consider the meaning of the middle names on your list. The meaning of a name shouldn’t necessarily make or break your decision, but it can help you as you sit down to think about the hopes you have for your child’s future.

By keeping these three things in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll land on the right middle name for your little one.

Isabella: Meaning and Origin

In the Spanish and Italian versions of the Hebrew name Elisheba, Isabella means “God is my oath.” While the meaning leans more proper and traditional, the name itself exudes a romantic and enchanting air.

Bonus: You can call your little girl Isa or Bella for short, both of which brim with class and charm!



Isabella Joy is a lovely name pairing for any little girl. And what better way to show your daughter how much happiness she brings to your life than by giving her a middle name like Joy?



Does being near water soothe your soul? If so, Isabella Maren is the vintage, yet totally modern, name you need. Maren comes from the Latin phrase stella maris, which means “star of the sea.”



Single syllable names make an excellent choice when it comes to middle names for Isabella. Given that Isabella is four syllables, you may want a shorter name to balance it out. Otherwise, it quickly becomes a tongue twister. Not to mention, Isabella Skye rolls off the lips beautifully.



Fable is not your typical girl’s name, but it pairs perfectly with Isabella. As a first name, Isabella sounds dreamy and idyllic, while Fable means “a story with a moral or lesson.” Together, these two names tell the tale of a life well lived.



Isabella Roux is a one-of-a-kind name you won’t hear anywhere else. And since Roux means “russet,” aka a reddish-brown color, it’s a fitting moniker for your auburn-haired darling.



Want to raise a vivacious girl? Bestow upon her a middle name that quite literally means “life” — and watch her live it to the fullest.



The name Rose is popular for a reason, and it has been for many years. Isabella Rose is a timeless pairing that will never go out of fashion. Call her Isa, Bell, Bella, or Rose for short.



If your little girl is the light of your life (and of course she is), naming her Isabella Sol is a lovely way to get the message across. Of Spanish origin, Sol means “sun.”

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