'Catizen' Tips Guide: How to Earn the Most Coins in the Telegram Crypto Game

Catizen is the latest Telegram-based game that is taking off, with millions of players running cat cafés in the hopes of securing some valuable tokens when the airdrop rolls around. With no date for the next airdrop set, there’s still time to jump in and try to earn yourself the most coins possible. 

But in order to do that, there are a few secrets in Catizen that you need to know, especially as a lack of clear instructions in the game can make some things confusing. Fortunately, we have all the tips you need to make the most coins possible. 

Invest in new cats 

The Catizen airdrop is most likely to be distributed based on your vKITTY production—which is how many coins your cats generate per second—and your highest-level cats. This means that sitting on a massive pile of vKITTY probably isn’t going to get you more tokens in the airdrop. 

So you should be spending your income as soon as you can, and the only way to do this is to buy more cats for your café. If you have the money, then you may as well buy the next cat you need to level up, as it will be quicker than waiting for the lower level cats to drop.

But always check the price 

However, the price for cats of the same level will go up every time you purchase one—so the price of a level 10 cat, for example, will increase the more you buy them. This means you can very quickly find yourself in a situation where lower-level cats cost more than higher-level ones, which would obviously be a poor investment. 

Always look at the main store page, rather than buying the cat presented to you on the home screen, to make sure you aren’t getting a bad deal. The store will also occasionally give you a free cat, so it’s worth checking often.

Screenshots from Catizen. Images: Decrypt

Look out for Pepe and Doge 

As your cats are playing with visitors, sometimes meme icons Pepe and Doge will show up, and tapping on them will give you a big bonus. You can boost your bonus by paying a small fee in Toncoin via your connected TON wallet, but for free players, the bonuses can be four free cats or 60 seconds of increased income. 

There’s also a 10-minute-long speed boost you can claim every two hours by hitting the button next to your vKITTY production number, which combined with the increased income can net you some big bucks.

Go fishing 

The fishing mini-game might feel a little out of place here, but it can be a way to get some extra vKITTY that you can then use to invest in cats. Unless you have a lot of friends to bug with invites or Telegram Premium, then it will take a while to earn enough Fish Tokens to go fishing—but when you do, with some luck, you can earn a decent chunk of tokens to give your café a quick short-term boost.

catizen screens2
Screenshots from Catizen. Images: Decrypt

Make everything about the cats 

Catizen is not a game that likes to stay still, with changes coming in relatively frequently and the economy being a regular target. When I started out, I was getting idle income when the game was not running—but now a mouse called Jerry steals all of that unless I pay a small fee in TON. Then there was a spin wheel that is now gone, and I’m sure further changes will come soon. 

With so much changing, the key thing to remember is that the only things that are likely to matter come airdrop time are your cat level and vKITTY production. So that means your main focus should always be leveling up your cats.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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