eBook Launch: The 7-Step Playbook For Performance-Driven Online Learning

Is Your Training Making An Impact?

The last thing organizations want is for employees to merely go through the motions and tick off boxes when they log in to the Learning Management System. So, how do you ensure that your training program leaves a lasting impression and fosters professional development among your workforce? This guide maps out 7 steps to implement performance-driven online learning for your team.

eBook Release: The 7-Step Playbook For Performance-Driven Online Learning

eBook Release

The 7-Step Playbook For Performance-Driven Online Learning

Uncover proven strategies to enhance your online training programs and explore what’s actually working in today’s realm of online learning.

Why Performance-Driven Online Learning Should Be The Aim

While acquiring new knowledge is one part of the L&D equation, putting that know-how into practice is the goal. Employees must be able to apply concepts in the real world to improve customer satisfaction, overcome common obstacles, and tackle everyday tasks with ease. It’s also crucial for them to know how to utilize skills in a variety of contexts, ranging from coworker conflict resolution to landing a sale. This is why performance-driven online learning should be the primary focus for leaders. The question is: how do you move beyond theory and create impactful training programs that leverage the latest technology, Subject Matter Expert insights, and existing resources to not only maximize ROI but empower your employees?

About This eBook

How do you pinpoint gaps and challenges that L&D can help you overcome? Can leveraging AI streamline the workflow for your SMEs? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide by 360Learning:

  • Identify The Problems To Solve In Your Organization
  • Understand What’s Expected Of Employees In Each Role
  • Win Over Your SMEs With Evidence
  • Use AI To Make SMEs’ Contributions Easier
  • Cut The Fluff—Keep Courses Short, Sweet, And Engaging
  • Measure What Matters: Employee Performance
  • Celebrate And Recognize Your SMEs

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