Here Are Today's ‘Hamster Kombat’ Daily Combo and Cipher Code

Telegram-based game Hamster Kombat is a massive hit, reaching some 239 million players and counting ahead of its token launch, according to Telegram co-founder and CEO, Pavel Durov.

Hamster Kombat is set to debut its on-chain token on The Open Network (TON) in the near future, which means players may have limited time left to stack in-game coins ahead of the conversion and airdrop of crypto tokens.

One of the fastest ways to earn in-game coins is to enter the daily combo, which grants you 5 million coins just by buying or upgrading certain features for your hamster-run crypto exchange. And another bonus, the daily cipher, lets you tap in a simple string of morse code to claim 1 million more free coins. That’s 6 million free daily coins.

We’ve already posted guides on the Hamster Kombat daily combo and daily cipher code, but if you’re looking for the latest combo and code, now we’ll have you covered there too. Keep reading for today’s current daily combo and cipher code, as of this writing, and check back tomorrow for the next updates.

Today’s daily combo

The Hamster Kombat daily combo for Wednesday, July 10 is the following: Semi-final England vs. Netherlands, Oracle, and Margin Trading x30. Buying and/or upgrading those three cards will immediately net you 5 million coins, if done before the next combo period begins.

The Hamster Kombat daily combo for July 10. Image: Decrypt

Today’s cipher code

The Hamster Kombat daily cipher code for Wednesday, July 10 is the following:

WHALE: W (• — —) H (• • • •), A (• —), L (• — • •), E (•)

To input the code, press the “Daily cipher” button on the main screen of the Hamster Kombat mini app, which will turn the Hamster icon red. Dots require a quick tap, while dashes mean you’ll need to press and hold the screen. The game will show you each letter as it’s accepted, so if you don’t see what you’re expecting, then wait a moment and try again.

kombat detective
You’ll see this image if you input the cipher code correctly. Image: Decrypt

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