'I Can't Trust Anything My Husband Says'

When it comes to summer vacation, some of us wish we had a less structured work schedule, while others dread the vast open stretches of time without the year’s typical routines. This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, we hear from parents in both camps. Of course, there’s also plenty that people want to share on other topics — like annoying phases, general exhaustion, and husbands who can’t be trusted. Read on for the full roundup.

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Not ready to have my kids home for the summer…!

Confessional #71728817

I’m a teacher but still sending my kids to daycare and summer camp all summer. I feel guilty.

Confessional #71892921

I care too much about what others think about my parenting and I don’t know how to stop.

Confessional #77187263

There was a mix up at my pharmacy and I’ve been w/o my depression meds for a week. It feels horrible!

Confessional #77182993

I’m exhausted and don’t get any help from my partner.

Confessional #71662617

My middle child is going through a super annoying phase.

Confessional #71628193

I wish I didn’t work full time so I could enjoy summer’s lack of structure instead of dreading it.

Confessional #71628196

I’m worried about being home/going crazy with my own kids this summer. I’m a teacher.

Confessional #71829180

My hair appointment got cancelled 😡​ and my sex life is not how I want it 😏

Confessional #71829919

My husband is absolutely draining and childish. He refuses to accept responsibility

Confessional #71629018

My husband has been working from home since pandemic times and I HATE it. Go away!!

Confessional #71829412

I wanna quit my job coz working mom life is too effing much.

Confessional #71689101

Trying to find a job after 11yrs of being a SAHM. I’m terrified!

Confessional #71821912

I can’t trust anything my husband says because I know he lies to impress people.

Confessional #71627193

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