New Homebot, Newzip partnership reduces transaction fees by 2%

Homebot and Newzip are teaming up in hopes of converting engagement into more transactions.

The two companies announced the partnership on Wednesday, and it allows customers who are using both Homebot and Newzip to offer consumers up to 2% off their transaction costs. The companies believe this will help lead to a higher hit rate with buyers and sellers, in addition to passing savings on to them.

“With home affordability hovering near all-time lows, this consumer savings opportunity is incredibly valuable for both buyers and sellers,” said Homebot CEO Charlie Pratt in a statement.

Homebot is a platform that tries to measure buyer and seller intent so that loan officers know which potential customers to target. Newzip is a real estate platform for mortgage lenders that provides consumers with an end-to-end experience.

Newzip and Homebot hope that the partnership can streamline leads with Newzip’s platform and Homebot’s data, while adding a cash incentive for consumers to hop on.

“Joining forces allows us to combine Homebot’s industry’s leading home ownership and engagement platform with our real concierge experience in order to help mortgage lenders win by elevating their value proposition,” said Newzip CEO Adi Pavlovic in a statement.

Homebot isn’t Newzip’s first partnership this year. In February, the company announced it’s teaming up with Newrez, a top 10 mortgage lender and servicer, again with the aim of saving money for buyers and sellers.

In 2023, Homebot acquired Quo Finance, a mobile app for first-time homebuyers.

Pavlovic was recently named a 2024 RIsing Star by HousingWire.

“The passion Pavlovic has coupled with his background and his experience in this space has been the catalyst that put Newzip in the successful position we are in today,” HousingWire’s RIsing Star report reads. “He has been the main driver behind Newzip’s technology and product offering to our customers.”

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