New Video Podcast Does It Fly Asks Important Questions, Like Could Star Trek’s Transporter Work?

Roddenberry Entertainment is coming out with a new video podcast series that delves into the science-fiction question of the ages: Could all the future technology described in sci-fi stories actually work?

The first episode will deal with a staple of Star Trek—the transporter. On it, scientist Dr. Hakeem Olusey and co-host Tamara Krinsky examine the fictional technology from every angle before delivering their verdict on whether the transporter is scientifically sound, something that could work given the rules of that universe.

“When Matt Jefferies was designing the original starship Enterprise, Gene Roddenberry is known to have said, ‘I want it to fly!’” executive producer Trevor Roth said in a statement. “Now it’s time to put the question to some of our other favorite entertainment inventions and see if they make the grade.”

The first episode of Does It Fly premieres on April 5, 2024, with new episodes available every Friday. Other topics to be explored include Children of Men’s species-wide infertility, Doctor Who’s TARDIS, the technological and philosophical questions of Black Mirror’s acclaimed episode, “San Junipero,” the Xenomorph incubation from Alien, the question of ape evolution from Planet Of The ApesBlade Runner’s Replicants, Iron Man’s Arc Reactor, and Star Wars’ lightsaber.

You can check the series out on Apple Podcast, by visiting the Den of Geek website, or by going to the website, icon-paragraph-end

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