No Matter What the Day Holds the Every Day Chair Can Handle It

Like a well-tailored garment with clean lines, some things never go out of style. In fact, we very well could be watching the birth of a future icon as Landscape Forms introduces its Every Day Chair to the world. The minimal, sophisticated, and adaptable seat is designed to meet the needs of a number of spaces while retaining its high style. Whether it’s outdoor cafe dining, a gathering in the garden, or somewhere that demands a multi-purpose seating solution, the Every Day Chair is ready to take on the task. Plus, it stacks like a dream!

slatted metal outdoor chair next to a large planted bush

For Landscape Forms Chief Innovation Officer, Kirt Martin, it’s this combination of design, durability, and versatility that makes the Every Day Chair so compelling. “Customers have been routinely asking us for a high design chair that’s also highly configurable, easily stackable, and readily adapted to a number of outdoor experiences,” he said. “We worked to ensure the Every Day Chair was versatile enough for just about any type of experience, from a large event to an intimate lunch for two.”

three stacked slatted metal outdoor chairs

Designed for a wide range of applications, bent wire and steel strapping, not exactly dainty materials, come together in an outdoor chair that manages to remain visually light. Confidently stack and reconfigure again and again, the Every Day Chair is well-equipped to handle it.

four colorful slatted metal outdoor chairs

“Using the combination of wire and metal strapping, we’ve created a chair that’s simple yet also visually interesting and fun,” shared Landscape Forms Director of Design, Ryan Heiser. “The Every Day Chair builds on our expertise in metal forming and welding to offer comfort, functionality, and a fresh style that’s at-home virtually anywhere.”

slatted metal outdoor chair

It’s the design’s focus on maximum usability that makes the chair a veritable go-to, particularly when it comes to spaces with revolving uses that change on a regular basis. Available with or without arms, the Every Day Chair’s soft curves and edges create an inviting place to perch, whether it’s for a moment or a meeting.

four colorful slatted metal outdoor chairs

three colorful slatted metal outdoor chairs surrounding a white cafe table

yellow slatted metal outdoor chair at a white cafe table

four colorful slatted metal outdoor chairs surrounding a round white coffee table under a pavilion

yellow slatted metal outdoor chair in a field of grass and flowers

beige slatted metal outdoor chair on a sandy beach

orange-red slatted metal outdoor chair on a garden pathway

yellow slatted metal outdoor chair creating dark shadows

powder blue slatted metal outdoor chair

arm of a orange slatted metal outdoor chair

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