Smac Studio transforms duplex with project management platform Programa

Promotion: utilising a new project management platform named Programa, interior design studio Smac Studio has outfitted a duplex in Australia with blue-toned stone.

Co-founded by designers Traviss Orr, Zoe Lowres and Claudio Oyarce and launched in 2020, Programa is an online platform that streamlines project management and specification for design professionals.

Beige furniture of different textures in front of a sliding glass foor
Smac Studio has renovated an Australian duplex with a new project management system called Programa

The platform, which functions both as a creative tool and management system, includes client dashboards, pinboards for concept development and live schedules for specifications and financial planning.

“Programa aims to relieve designers of unnecessary stress, boosting efficiency and enabling the realisation of creative visions,” said the team.

A kitchen with light wood cabintry, triangular lights, and a large island
The programme aims to streamline the design process for design professionals

“It transforms both the design process and its outcomes, providing a more streamlined approach to the industry,” said Smac Studio.

Smac Studio used the platform to bring light and pops of colour to a previously dark duplex in the Bondi suburb in eastern Sydney.

The entrance to a home with a painting with a bright blue background and multiple people
Smac Studio used Programa’s interactive Pinboard feature to develop the project’s concept

“There’s a stereotype that creative people are disorganised, but Programa helps demonstrate our capability,” said Smac Studio principal Shona McElroy.

“With Programa, real-time updates are available to builders, suppliers and clients through a continually updated schedule.”

A single black lamp in a beige room
The converted duplex contains blue-toned stone

The studio used one image of a blue stone “with neutral creams and whites” as a jumping-off point for the project.

Tones of blue were carried throughout the project, from a block of Monenegefro Quartzite used as a landing in the apartment’s entrance stair, to the textured wall in the powder room.

The studio also created a double-height space in the entrance to bring more light to the interior.

“Programa’s real-time updates ensure everyone remains aligned and informed,” said McElroy of the process.

The entrance to a home with a stone slab for a landing
Accents of clay-toned reds and light wood complete the apartment

“To have Programa enable us to put in the RRP pricing as well as the trade pricing and generate out overall costs of everything has been invaluable.”

The studio finished the space with clay-toned reds found in leather and wood accents, with light wood cabinetry and a living room outfitted with a mixture of beige textiles.

“[Programa] brings a new level of transparency to our design,” said Smac studio associate designer Ally Terry.

Founded in 2017, Smac Studio is based in Sydney, Australia and specializes in residential interior design.

Photography is by Pablo Viega.

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