The Best Pajamas for Women

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— Photographs by Charlotte Wales, styled by Katie Grand

The best pajamas are comfortable, airy, easy and mood-lifting—whether your style veers more towards cozy flannel or sultry, lace-embellished satin. Whatever you usually go for, we consider it a plus if the set looks put-together enough to throw a jacket over to go walk the dog—or a pair of heels to go to a cocktail party. Here, our favorite cozy cotton sets, silky styles and low-key nightshirts fit for lounging, dreaming, breakfast in bed and beyond.

Chic Silky Sets

The quickest way to make a night on the couch feel a touch more glamorous.

Ekd Logo Silk Pajama Shirt

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Ekd Logo Silk Pajama Trousers

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Striped Silk Pajama Top

Dolce & Gabbana
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Striped Silk Pajama Bottoms

Dolce & Gabbana
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Monogram Pyjama Shirt

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Monogram Pyjama Pants

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Pyjama Blouse

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Pyjama Trousers

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Classic PJ Camisole

Agent Provocateur
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Classic PJ Shorts

Agent Provocateur
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Classic Cotton

Always chic, always comfortable. These classic styles will get better with every wear.

Midnight Grid Pajama Shirt

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Midnight Grid Pajama Pant

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Pajama Shirt in Striped Cotton

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Triomphe Pajama Pants in Striped Poplin

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Milton Pajama Shirt

Sleepy Jones
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Milton Pajama Pant

Sleepy Jones
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Organic Cotton Plaid Shirt

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Flannel Check Pajama Trousers

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Lace-Trim Cotton Shorty Pajama Set

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Fabulous Night Gowns

From old-world chic to slinky and silky, sometimes an all-in-one look is the way to go.

Pergola Meridienne Lace-Trimmed Cotton-Gauze Nightdress

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Lace-Trimmed Silk-Satin Chemise

Carine Gilson
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Women’s White Flannel Seraphine Nightgown

Petite Plume
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Voile Nightdress

Pour les Femmes
e8fda375 3b78 4d28 a293 4928b33577df pour les femmes

Vintage Silk Nightdress

Maison Essentiele
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Soft and Cozy

For chilly nights and lazy mornings. You’ll never want to take these off.

Cashmere Blend Ribbed Long-Sleeved Top

La Perla
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Cashmere Blend Ribbed Trousers

La Perla
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Pointelle Slim Fit Long Sleeve

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Pointelle Boxer Pant

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The Madison Pajama Set

Polo Ralph Lauren
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Mae Two-Piece Pajama Set

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Soft Lounge Sleep Set

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