The Wooden Corrugated Furniture Collection Is Anything but Flimsy

Inspiration can come from nearly anything, as is the case for South African-born, California-based designer Hanneke Lourens who found it in grooved metal sheeting. The durable Corrugated furniture collection is her first, consisting of five playful pieces influenced by the metal sheets that can be found in the urban landscapes of her homeland.

The collection, constructed of white oak and meant to be used daily, reimagines the building materials, turning them into covetable objects. The curves of each furniture piece mimic those of corrugated metal, pairing their smooth shapes in juxtaposition with sharp geometric lines to create a sense of excitement.

This collection really is a love letter to South Africa, a place where shimmering corrugated metal sheets catch your eye almost everywhere you look. There is an inexplicable quality that makes Africa so special – it’s a place that delicately perches somewhere between beauty and chaos. Growing up in this land of contrast, my aim has always been to capture this sense of duality in my work. It is human nature to take comfort in what feels conventional, so I keep pushing towards uncommon beauty, invigorated by the discomfort it might create.

– Hanneke Lourens

Lourens reinterprets the wavy aesthetic with each of the collection’s five Corrugated pieces: Side Table, Lounge Chair, Bench, Coffee Table, and the Console Table. Her design approach allows each of them to stand on their own or complement one another when situated together.

A wooden stool with a round seat and corrugated sides is placed on an outdoor path between two light blue metal structures.

Using only three elements – a circle, a rectangle, and furrowed legs – the designer brings the Corrugated Side Table to life. Its curved appendages create a bit of tension while remaining strong enough for use as a small stool.

A wooden table and stools set on an outdoor concrete surface with a yellow corrugated metal wall in the background.

A wooden chair and matching side table with a wavy base, displaying a ceramic mug and an open magazine on a reddish-brown background.

The low-slung Corrugated Lounge Chair is perhaps the most architectural of the collection, with legs and a backrest that are supported by linear planks – all in an effort to pull your eyes lower to the rippled base.

A wooden chair with a unique wavy base design, featuring a slatted backrest, is placed on an outdoor surface in front of a corrugated metal wall.

A wooden bench with a minimalistic design featuring wavy vertical supports is set against a brown and orange gradient background.

The playful Corrugated Bench is visually light and sculptural, pulling from the same elements as the rest of the collection, but in a fresh way. Instead of one length of seating, Lourens created three square seats. The top surface of the squiggly legs shares an exciting peek at the white oak’s endgrain.

A wood table with a geometric design is positioned with a backdrop featuring split colors of brown and orange.

A wooden coffee table with a wavy design on one of its legs, holding a few stacked books and a glass of water. The background is a gradient of brown tones.

Sitting slightly askew, the weighty Corrugated Coffee Table challenges the collection with the use of two pairs of contrasting legs: wavy and straight. You’ll notice that the underside is intentionally bereft of design elements in favor of plenty of legroom.

A wooden coffee table with a smooth top and uniquely shaped block legs stands on gravel against a corrugated metal backdrop.

corrugated wood stool in front of narrow consoled table

The Corrugated Console Table doesn’t take itself too seriously, equal parts unassuming and playful. Ideal for use in a living room, hallway, or even as a slim, elegant desk.

A wooden table and bench with a simple, modern design made from light-colored wood, placed on a gravel surface against a corrugated metal wall.

A collection of modern wooden furniture, including stools, a bench, and a table, featuring a design with wavy edges. The setting has a background split into light and dark shades.

Lourens’ South Africa – both light and dark aspects of the country – remain close to her heart informing her design decisions. In the Corrugated collection, the highlights and shadows tracing the undulation across each piece are a reminder of the beauty and creativity to be found there, as well as the less desirable aspects important to acknowledge. This spirit is part of Lourens’ body of work, as she crafts every piece by hand in her workshop.

A percentage of sales from the Corrugated collection will be donated to Learn to Earn, a skills development and job creation organization located in Khayelitsha, South Africa.

A set of wooden furniture, including a chair, bench, side table, and coffee table, placed on an outdoor gravel surface against a corrugated metal wall.

A wooden chair with slatted backrest and matching side table with ribbed base, placed on an outdoor asphalt surface. Dry grass is visible in front of the chair and table.

A wooden table and chair with corrugated designs on the legs are set on a gravel surface, positioned near a corrugated metal wall.

A woman in a gray t-shirt and blue jeans sits barefoot on a wooden bench, looking to her left against a brown background.

Hanneke Lourens

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Photography by Hubbard M. Jones.

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