‘Tiny’ newborn stays near mom — until he gets the zoomies at Florida zoo, video shows

An adorable newborn animal stays near his mom — until he gets bursts of energy, Florida video shows.

The footage captured Bisque the baby antelope using his wiry legs to frolic around his habitat at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

“He’s tiny, and often hides behind the safety of his mom, Kadidi,” the zoo wrote March 16 in a Facebook post. “But every now and then he gets those classic zoomies we love to watch!”

Bisque is a blue duiker, a type of antelope native to parts of central, eastern and southern Africa. As adults, the animals only reach up to 20 pounds but reportedly have the “largest brains relative to body size of all antelope.”

“Calves can run within hours of birth but do not roam freely for at least the first several weeks of life,” the Maryland Zoo wrote on its website. “Initially, they stay hidden in the underbrush and wait for their mothers to come nurse them.”

After the Central Florida Zoo welcomed its newborn, several social media users went online to share their excitement or say they couldn’t get enough of the cuteness. Many reacted to a photo showing the small, bright-eyed baby near toys.

“At only a few weeks old, this incredibly curious young one investigates everything he finds by smelling or putting it in his mouth, much like a human toddler would,” the zoo wrote March 23 on Facebook.

The Central Florida Zoo didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on March 26. The wildlife park is in Sanford, a roughly 25-mile drive northeast from Orlando.

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