Travel Health Index: Asia Pacific Leads as Industry Growth Stabilizes

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In February 2024, the travel industry maintained positive momentum with 7% year-on-year growth. Transitioning from double-digit growth to single-digits indicates a trend towards stability.

The travel industry continued to strengthen in February: The Skift Travel Health Index stood at 107, 7% growth over February 2023.

Growth had been in the double-digits and the new levels point to stabilization in the industry.

Global STHIGlobal STHI

Asia Pacific’s Growth Levels are Normalizing

According to the latest Skift Travel Health Index: February 2024 Highlights, Asia Pacific, which has been on an upward trajectory since early 2023, leads the index.

A key driver of Asia Pacific’s growth is China reopening its borders for travel after three long years. The country started easing travel restrictions in January 2023 and fully opened tourism for foreigners by March 2023. With the full impact of open borders now realized, we’re witnessing a significant uptick in the region’s performance compared to last year.

However, while February 2024 marks a 13% growth for the Asia Pacific region, growth numbers are slightly reducing compared to the previous months, suggesting a stabilizing trend in the region. 

Skift Travel Health Index Score by Region

Region Sep-23 Oct-23 Nov-23 Dec-23 Jan-24 Feb-24
Asia Pacific 137 137 136 133 127 113
Europe 108 108 112 106 104 104
Latin America 103 110 116 105 101 101
Middle East and Africa 107 105 106 100 101 99
North America 101 102 107 101 99 101

Vacation Rental Boom is Stabilizing

There is a noticeable softening trend in the performance of vacation rentals. Demand for vacation rentals soared through the pandemic with double-digit growth. However, recent data suggests a deceleration in this growth trajectory, indicating a shift towards moderation in demand levels.

While the sector’s performance remains above pre-pandemic levels, the softening trend aligns with the evolving market dynamics that suggest stabilized growth levels in the post-pandemic travel landscape.

STHI by SectorSTHI by Sector

For further insights, read the February 2024 Highlights and the Travel Health Index dashboard.

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