Video Of A Hockey Crowd Singing Taylor Swift Goes Viral

A heartwarming video featuring a hockey area filled with young girls watching hockey and jamming out to pop star, Taylor Swift, is going viral for all the best reasons.

Boston and Ottawa’s teams from the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) faced off at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, home of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. The game was held as part of the PWHL Takeover Weekend to have two teams play at a neutral site to bring women’s hockey to areas that don’t currently have a PWHL team.

The crowd of 13,736 fans broke the attendance record for women’s professional hockey in the United States.

During the second period, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift came on the speakers and blasted through the area. The jumbotron displayed lyrics to the Fearless hit and encouraged fans to participate in a little karaoke.

In a viral TikTok, TikTok user michigankid91 posted the moment, relishing in the magic of the crowd singing together. He got in on the fun as well. At one point, he even pointed out, “We don’t need the lyrics!” How very true indeed.

Without hesitation, the whole crowd jumped in and sang the words to the song, continuing even after the music was cut and the game proceeded. Several groups of young girls were shown on the big screen singing and cheering. Once the chorus ended, the crowd erupted in applause.

Thousands of people commented on the video, noting how precious the moment was.

“All those teeny tiny little girl voices…🥹 Anyone or anything that makes them sing out in unison like that is exactly what the world needs right now,” one user said.

“I’m actually sobbing. I love girlhood 🩵,” another wrote.

“all those girls that know it’s ok to be themselves in a place that some would say is “for boys” it’s lovely as a 34 yo woman that likes sports and TS,” another pointed out.

One noted, “ughhhhhhhhh seeing sporting events become such a welcoming space for young girls is so healing ❤️”

“hearing all those girls at a hockey game!!! i used to dream of these days 😭💜,” another noted.

There is something so touching about an arena filled with young girls, watching a male-dominated sport, singing their lungs out to Taylor Swift — an artist so often torn down by misogynists. More of these types of magical girlhood moments, please!

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