Walmart's 4th of July sale is here with the best deals to shop this weekend: Save on Shark, Keurig, HP and more

We ask you: What’s more American than Walmart? The mega-retailer was founded in the nation’s heartland (Arkansas, to be exact) way back in 1962 and has gone on to conquer our fruited plain with rock-bottom, coast-to-coast bargains on literally everything you might want to eat, wear, use or operate. Not surprisingly, it goes all-in on the nation’s birthday. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s already unveiled a ton of early July 4 sales. We, canny shopping experts and trend watchers that we are, know a good holiday bargain bonanza when we see one (just look at our Independence Day rundown), and Walmart’s doing itself proud starting . . . now. Log on to this 15.6-inch HP laptop at 60% off. Suck up a 75% markdown on a multitalented cordless vacuum. Step into a pair of comfy summer kicks for just . . . $7. Get stylin’ with a combo hair brush/dryer at nearly 80% off. We hold this truth to be self-evident: You don’t want to wait till the Fourth to snag these best deals from Walmart’s 4th of July sale!

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When you’re listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks, the jarring sound of your neighbor’s lawn mower can really ruin the experience. That’s where these over-ear headphones come in. They not only block out distracting ambient sound, but they also improve audio quality by enhancing subtler sounds.

$20 at Walmart

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Loose and lounge-worthy, these footloose faves are ideal for providing coverage while also adding some airiness for the summer heat. Pair them with a tee or tank to laze around the house, or a fitted blouse and sleek sandals to wear to the office.

$13 at Walmart

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Summertime — with its intense humidity and sizzling temps — can be hard on hair. That’s why we’re all about this (literally) stylin’ and profilin’ brush. The device’s ionic technology helps hair dry faster to reduce heat damage and preserve shine, all while straightening and creating volume. 

$28 at Walmart

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With 8GB of RAM, 512GB of onboard storage and Windows 11 built in, this laptop is ideal for everyday use. A slim profile and a weight of only a few pounds make it superb for stuffing into a backpack or shoulder bag if you’re working on the go.

$400 at Walmart

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Perfect for lighting up walking paths or showing off your garden in the evening, this four-pack of four-sided solar lights offers bright LED lighting and a waterproof design, so you don’t have to worry about any storms getting in the way of your illumination. No batteries or cords are necessary — only sweet, sweet sunlight is needed to charge ’em up.

$30 at Walmart

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Whew, it sure has been steamy outside! But running the air conditioner constantly is not exactly gentle on the wallet. Y’know what is? This high-quality tower fan, which has three speeds and three different modes (normal, natural and sleep) to customize your perfect cool. The large LED display also makes it easy to choose your selections, and you can set it to oscillate to chill out every corner of the room. Oh, and it’s almost 90% off!

$50 at Walmart

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For spaces that don’t have access to air conditioning, a box fan can definitely get the job done when it comes to cooling things down. This one’s got a three-speed motor and easy-carry handle, so you can carry it around from room to room if you’d like to. And, to make cleaning easier, the front grill and blades are totally removable (when turned off, of course!). Choose from four colors — white, black, blue or purple.

$21 at Walmart

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A good set of mixing bowls is essential for any kitchen — especially for entertaining during the summertime. This stainless steel set — available in black, dark blue, red and multicolor — comes with six different-size bowls (and covers) for mixing, baking, cooking and serving. They can also be nested for easy storage. 

$21 at Walmart

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These knives not only look great — the bright colors will definitely add fun and whimsy to any kitchen — but they’re also really sharp, perfect for slicing your way through your next masterpiece of a meal. Rest assured, though, each one comes with a sleeve, so you can store them safely.

$17 at Walmart

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A little less Leatherface and a little more Polly Pocket, this compact cutie packs quite a punch. It’s battery powered, so you can take it to the farthest reaches of your backyard, and it can slay wayward branches and spindly overgrown trees with ease.

$43 at Walmart

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These cushy kicks are made with breathable mesh and have memory foam insoles, so you’ll stay perfectly comfy in them for hours. 

“As a teacher who is on my feet all day, the need for comfortable and supportive shoes is important,” shared a five-star reviewer. “Last year I paid $100 for specialized arch support shoes, and these actually feel better on my feet!”

$7 at Walmart

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At under 10 pounds, the “Little Green Machine” is lightweight and easy to carry yet still handles messes like a full-size machine. Its small size makes it easy to store away where no one will see. A best friend to pet owners, this cleaner will also even remove odor — and now it’s a lovely $36 off.

$88 at Walmart

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Our intrepid reviewer — who just so happens to be me! — wore this neck fan on a particularly sweltering Disney trip and found instant relief from the Florida sun. As I put it: “It saved me from overheating during those long days at Disney; being able to clock the number of miles I did in a 100° heat wave makes it worth ten times its weight in gold.” The fan has three speed settings — low, medium and high — and offers four to sixteen hours of continuous cooling on a single charge, depending on your selection.

$32 at Walmart

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Said our in-house tech expert: “If you like to listen all day — and I mean all day — Sony’s got your earbuds. The XM5s can last up to eight hours on a charge and that’s with ANC [Active Noise Cancellation] turned on. Turn it off and you can expect up to 12 hours. No other earbuds in this roundup even come close” He added: “These are premium in-ear speakers, and it shows in the beautifully broad and balanced soundstage, the crackerjack ANC and the AirPods Pro-level voice call quality.”

$240 at Walmart

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A good mop is hard to find — thankfully, we took care of the legwork (and dirty work) for you. “I loved how the mop goes through a slot in the clean-water chamber to capture excess moisture,” shared our reviewer. “The rectangular mop head also easily gets into corners that are otherwise hard to reach. Because the Joymoop doesn’t get sopping wet, you don’t need as many passes to clean up messes, and it doesn’t take long for floors to air out afterward.”

$33 at Walmart

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Constructed with a combination of high-performance pocketed springs, high-density memory foam and cooling gel, this mattress is a super-solid pick for staying cozy all night through. After all — we spend a third of our lives in bed, why not do it in the utmost comfort?

$220 at Walmart

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Kick back, relax and sway your way through summer — this canopied cutie is a fab add to any backyard, patio or poolside. You get seating for three (or plenty of space for one to stretch out) and protection from UV rays with the adjustable waterproof topper.

$85 at Walmart

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Get your grill on in style this summer for under $100! This easy-setup model features 27,000 BTUs and 450 square inches of cooking space, so you can get a whole meal sizzling in no time. A removable grease tray funnels away any drippings, and two side shelves offer plenty of space for food prep.

$96 at Walmart

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This multisurface cleaning tool does so much, it’s kind of mind-blowing. It’s a wet and dry vacuum, so it sucks up dirt, spills, muck and more to leave your floors spotless, no matter what’s lurking on them. It also easily handles both hard floors and area rugs, so you can cruise around your home feeling good that everything is getting clean in the process. And, yep, it mops: Simply add the special multisurface concentrate (which has odor-neutralizing tech, by the way) and get to cleaning. It’ll take out pet scents, garbage smells and more while cleaning your floors. 

$179 at Walmart

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The Vertuo Plus only has one button, so it’s laughably easy to use, and the slim design can fit in small spaces (or on cluttered kitchen counters). It features automatic capsule ejection and storage, and the water tank is easy to fill. What else can you ask for when you’re whipping up your morning brew?

$129 at Walmart

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This top-rated Roomba is extra-slim at 3.6 inches and quieter than an upright vac. That low profile allows it to get to all those hard-to-reach spots under couches and dressers without having to wait for you to move around all your furniture. It also has laser sensors to avoid getting stuck on carpets, bumping into walls or falling down stairs.

$349 at Walmart

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It’s iced coffee season! Whip one up faster than a barista at the end of a shift with this clever hot/iced K-cup device, now just $59. Simply place a glass of ice (tumbler included!) or a mug beneath the drip, make your selection, and your order will be up in a jiffy. The water reservoir holds up to 36 ounces.

$59 at Walmart

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This super sucker can easily tackle all terrains, from hardwood floors to rugs and carpets, with its powerful motor that can capture even the smallest particles of dirt and debris. This clean machine even has built-in sensors and multidirectional movement capabilities that make navigating stairs a breeze. Plus, you can control it on-the-go with the Ionvac smartphone app.

$69 at Walmart

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The first major heat wave of the summer has been a doozy, and unfortunately, there are probably many more where that came from. Having a powerful air-conditioning unit can be the difference between tolerating this season and actually enjoying it — and that’s where this A/C comes in. It has seven temperature settings, easy-to-use dial controls and 5,000 BTUs of power, perfect for fully cooling small and mid-size rooms.

$144 at Walmart

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Don’t let its svelte profile fool you; this cordless wonder has a powerful motor that provides the intense suction you need to pick up all that dirt, pet hair, dust and debris from carpets, hardwood floors, tile and more. When fully charged, it will give you up to 40 minutes of nonstop cleaning — ample time to give the entire house a once-over. 

$80 at Walmart

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If you’re looking to transition from the stovetop to the tabletop with ease, it’s time to go Dutch. Dutch oven, that is — and this sleek number from Beautiful is just the thing to get you cooking and serving with ease. The enameled coating prevents sticking, and it’s even oven-safe up to 500°F . . . and seriously, what are you cooking that would require more??

$59 at Walmart

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The Pioneer Woman has debuted a line of clothing exclusive to Walmart, and we particularly dig this simple-yet-chic midi dress, perfect for strolling down the boardwalk and grabbing drinks with friends after a long sunny day. Choose from sizes XS to XXL in black, pink or olive green.

$17 at Walmart

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