Watch: Japanese man's jaw-dropping drinking stunt during Twitch star's livestream


A jaw-dropping drinking stunt by a Japanese man was caught on video during a livestream by Twitch sensation Robcdee.

About Robcdee: Robcdee, an English-born IRL streamer, has gained an online following for showcasing his adventures and experiences while traveling through Japan. His numerous acts of kindness and assistance to people during his broadcasts have earned him the moniker the “angel of Shibuya’ among his followers.

The astonishing drinking trick: In a recent livestream, Robcdee found himself at a Japanese bar, enjoying a drink with friends. One of his companions decided to unveil a remarkable drinking party trick that involved placing his drink upside down on his palm. Without spilling a drop, the man skillfully sipped the beer from the small pocket that had formed between his hand and the rim of the mug.

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Instant viral hit: The mind-boggling drinking feat not only earned cheers and applause in the bar but also impressed a lot of Robcdee’s stream viewers. The video, uploaded on his Twitch account on Wednesday, has been viewed over 108,000 times as of this writing.

“Is that magic?” one live commenter asked.

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“What a legend,” another remarked.

“Actually insane,” chimed in another.

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