Rosalia Wears Kate Moss’s Face As A Skirt

Who doesn’t love a legend paying homage to an icon? In her latest look, Rosalia is wearing supermodel Kate Moss’s face. Well, a print of it at least.

In an Instagram post from over the weekend, the singer appears in a black t-shirt, lucite block open toe mules, and a jacquard skirt, woven with an image of Kate Moss’s face. The mid-length skirt is from the Chicago-based brand Knitwrth. The skirt, sadly, is currently sold out.

The image was shot by photographer David Sims during Moss’s heyday in 1997. It appeared in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a story titled “Playing With Kate.” For it, Guido Palau did the stunner’s hair.

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The Motomami is a fan of the piece, which she wore earlier this year out and about in April. At the time she wore a similarly cropped top with a cropped leather jacket and over the knee boots. But it’s not just this design.

Rosalia has become one of the biggest proponents of the Knitwrth brand. Founded by Kristopher Cantu, the company has made a splash with its limited-edition jacquard sweaters and skirts, often featuring iconic images. Rosalia wearing of a sweater featuring the pioneering trans musician Sophie, after the artist’s passing, caused an instant spike in sales and the piece remains one of the brand’s most requested. But the Catalan star has also been spotted in a skirt from the label featuring Aphex Twin. She’s even been seen In a sweater featuring an Image of Edward Scissorhands.

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Other major fans of Knitwrth include Emily Ratajakowski who was one of the first celebrities to wear the label. Gigi Hadid, Romeo Beckham and others have followed. Designs, which often sell out, have featured stills from The Sixth Sense, images of Marilyn Monroe, David Beckham as well as Sade.

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